Travel at Home

Eating through 30 recipes from 30 countries

For those of us who travel to eat, eat to travel, and don’t do either as much as we wish we could.

I love to travel, but due to various reasons this year I won’t get to as much as I would like. Sound familiar? So with Travel at Home, I will be bringing travel to the comfort of my home. Since eating is always the main attraction  when I visit new places, nothing could be more appropriate to ease my wanderlust than eating dishes from different countries  and having the experience of that meal be, for even just a minute, a taste of that trip. I eat to travel.

I wanted to go on a mission where I would learn  new things, discover  recipes I’d never tried before, and challenge  myself to learn more about where my food comes from, not only locally but globally. With a multicultural city like Toronto under my feet, I can’t wait to share what I discover!

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions!

—Erika Simon